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What is
Hybrid Lux?
MIASUKI has created a new category of Exquisite Performance wear.
MIASUKI has created Hybrid Lux through innovative synergies of elite-grade performance-wear fabrics with exquisitely comfortable natural materials — a collection that enhances one’s everyday life beyond the equestrian level.
The Hybrid Lux collection includes three main categories: jackets, shirts and pants. This holy trinity forms the backbone of every woman’s timeless wardrobe — not only in terms of silhouette and style, but also form and function. In a world inundated with myriad trends of frivolous frills, the reductionism of a well-tailored jacket, a classic white button-down and a pair of tight pants is equivalent to the manifestation of “cool, calm and collected”. The once wardrobe staples ironically have become a statement for a confident, feminine and intellectual woman who is always on the go: sports, work and travel. The Hybrid Lux trinity carries her through multiple roles, in contrasting environments, to serve different purposes throughout the day.

Nothing is more versatile than a crisp, white, well-fitted shirt. It can be paired with jeans or a full-blown ball gown skirt. That touch of masculinity works wonders in emancipating the feminine allure. MIASUKI white shirts are made with stretch cotton jersey, stretch silk or extra fine poplin, ensuring total comfort with every movement. The insert panels in cuffs and collars sharpen the look, instantly “pulled together” (have you ever wondered why James Bond always adjusts his cuffs?).
The word hybrid is not restricted to the realm of function. MIASUKI jackets and pants are masterfully sculpted to the female form to accentuate feminine curves. The tailored fit is enhanced by innovative fabrics such as ground-breaking four-way stretch technical fabric. Even traditional fabrics such as tweed, corduroy, jacquard and brocade have been tweaked and tested, using the latest technology to increase stretch without compromising integrity, maximising comfort and movement for the wearer. All jackets are crease-free because we believe women have more important things to worry about. Being poised and presentable doesn’t need to feel precious.

MIASUKI strives to create the most concise wardrobe, designed to help you perform in comfort, whether in the saddle, the boardroom or on a long-haul flight. Every single piece of design is perfected in the toughest, torture-test laboratories — the equestrian arenas of the world. From here we develop elite, unfailing tailoring, designed for life's elite performers, providing the ultimate collection matching the grace of the wearer.