To those who care MIASUKI and legal entity

Our company is the legal owner of domain, we have domain certification, payment history and bill of last 3 years, most important, the company has put on record in China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the domain transfer contract and ownership are public record of case number 粤ICP备19027844号-1. The company also has exclusive licence for usage of logo MIASUKI in Mainland China for 10 years, the licence was presented by 北京聿诚 law firm, authorised by Shenzhen notary office, put on record in China State Trademark Administration, case number SYXK20190000005103XKTZ01, the law firm agent contract, exclusive licence contract, are all public record, you can verified with case number. So for whose who are going to sale, present, even use of such logo in Mainland China is violation of law.

The owner of of MIASUKI have deducted payment on purpose of 152600 HKD, all email records will show the evidence, and overdue 150000 HKD in past year, after negotiation, we found the owner of MIASUKI company has no intention to pay the debt, so we will stop serve MIASUKI company November Grace LTD any more.

For those who still work in MIASUKI, for your reference, half pay or deduction is illegal in Hong Kong, here is the code of law, , even for employee’s fault, no more than 300 HKD, you can report to Hong Kong Labour Department, and solve it free of charge.

For those who are going to work with MIASUKI, special IT service company, hope you guys get paid in advanced, before you deliver any of your work, learn from my lesson. They have similar history both in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Above contract, certification, authorisation and licence have been delivered to Aliyun Ministry of Justice, and google Arbitration department, both department recognise the Shenzhen company is the legal owner of those assets. We don’t mind go further with legal action, however, we are still willing to solve it without wasting legal resource, only if the debt has been paid.

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域名miasuki.com的法律上的拥有者为深圳前海某公司,我司拥有国际顶级域名证书,过去3年付款记录及账单,更重要的是,转让协议及拥有证明在中国国家工信部备案,备案编号粤ICP备19027844号-1。我司拥有MIASUKI商标的中国大陆地区近10年独家授权,该授权由北京聿诚律师事务所代理,深圳公证处公证,中国国家商标总局备案,备案编号SYXK20190000005103XKTZ01,由November Grace LTD签署盖章的代理合同及授权协议皆为公众资料,可通过备案标号查询。如果您要在中国大陆地区代理,销售,甚至使用MIASUKI商标,未经我司同意,是违反法律的。